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Installation Tips

  • 1
    Can I Use Liquid Flash to Seal Panel Seams?

    Although designed as a flashing product, ZIP System Liquid Flash can also be used to seal the seams of ZIP System sheathing panels.

  • 2
    Hard-Coat Stucco/Adhered Stone Over ZIP System Sheathing
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    ZIP System sheathing is recognized in ESR-1474 as a combination wood-structural panel, water-resistive barrier and air barrier. This technical tip discusses the installation requirements for ZIP System sheathing when used in hard-coat stucco/adhered stone applications.

  • 3
    TT - ZIP System Tape at Inside Corners

  • 4
    Installing Housewrap over ZIP System Sheathing

    This technical tip provides information regarding the proper installation of housewrap with ZIP System Sheathing. 

  • 5
    ZIP System Fasteners FAQs
    over driven over-driven sunk water-resistive barrier

    This document addresses fastening, over-driven fasteners, water-resistive barrier function, and field testing of ZIP System Sheathing and Tape.

  • 6
    Installing Ice and Water Membranes on ZIP System Sheathing

    This tip provides information on how to properly install an ice and water membrane between roof covering and ZIP System Sheathing.

  • 7
    Termite Treatments on ZIP System Sheathing

    This document provides information regarding the guidelines and application of termite treatments on ZIP System Sheathing panels.

  • 8
    Preventing Wood Wall System Buckling

    This Tech Tip discusses the proper installation of wood structural sheathing to prevent panel buckling. Although usually not a structural concern, panel buckling may cause waviness or a non-uniform appearance in the finished exterior cladding system. 

  • 9
    Acceptable Roof and Wall Coverings

    This technical tip provides a list of roof and wall coverings acceptable for direct application to ZIP System Sheathing.

  • 10
    Wet Spray Cellulose Insulation with ZIP System Sheathing

    This document provides Information regarding the proper installation of wet blown cellulose insulation with ZIP System Sheathing.

  • 11
    ZIP System Gun with Liner-Less ZIP System Tape

    This Technical Tip displays a step by step process on how to load existing ZIP System Tape guns with liner-less ZIP System Tape.

  • 12
    Spray Foam Insulation with ZIP System Sheathing

    This document discusses the two types of spray foam insulation that can be used with ZIP System® Sheathing panels and how they perform.

  • 13
    Bracing Gable End Wall Trusses

    This document details the purpose of bracing gable end wall trusses and how ZIP sheathing is incorporated into the bracing process.

  • 14
    TT - ZIP System sheathing over light gauge metal framing

    There are two types of fasteners that are recommended when attaching ZIP System panels to light gauge metal framing: screws and pins. This document discusses the proper fasteners and installation steps for attaching ZIP System sheathing over light gauge metal framing.