Advantech Superior Moisture Resistance

Superior Moisture Resistance During and After Construction

Moisture-Related Peace of Mind

Moisture-Related Peace of Mind

The average jobsite receives rain three times during construction. And other factors such as high humidity, snow and ice can expose your projects to even more moisture.

Rest assured, AdvanTech® flooring’s moisture resistance helps prevent headaches such as warping, swelling and delamination – leaving your finished floors smooth, flat and quiet.


How It's Specially Engineered to Resist Moisture Like No Other

How It's Specially Engineered to Resist Moisture Like No Other

1 Highly Compressed Material
High panel density helps reduce the rate of water absorption into the panel, even under harsh weather conditions.
2 Moisture-Resistant Resins
Advanced resins react chemically with the natural moisture in the wood, creating a highly moisture resistant substance similar to polyurethane.
3 Protection Throughout Entire Panel
Every wood strand is coated with advanced moisture resistant resins that provide superior protection even along freshly cut edges.
4 Industry-Leading Edge Sealant
For added protection, every edge is coated with edge sealant to help prevent swelling during long-term storage or exposure to the elements.

Water Absorption 24 oc Floor Panels
Advantech Flooring

500 Day No Sanding Guarantee

AdvanTech® flooring is backed by a 500-day no-sanding guarantee. With a guarantee like this, your moisture-related jobsite headaches are long gone.


The Moisture Advantage You Can See

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) has a bad reputation for its frequent swelling and weakening after being exposed to moisture. But AdvanTech engineered floor panels are made to withstand the elements – guaranteed.


Vs. Plywood

Vs. Plywood
When soaked in 1 inch of red water, the water line on the AdvanTech sample barely moves, while the water line on the plywood sample moves up significantly. Water absorption can lead to swelling, cupping, delamination and other moisture-related damage.


What does moisture resistance mean for you ...

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  • You can stay on schedule by reducing the number of moisture-related construction delays caused by inferior OSB and plywood panels that absorb water.
  • You can eliminate the need for sanding swollen edges prior to installing finished flooring such as hardwoods, tile and vinyl.
  • Water absorbed during the construction process can weaken the strength and stiffness of the panel.
  • You can reduce the number of callbacks due to floor squeaks and pops because AdvanTech panels will not warp, cup or delaminate under wet conditions.

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